08 Jul 2021

Major new funding for latest Brighton partnerships with UK businesses

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The University of Brighton has received funding from Innovate UK to create and deliver four new Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with nationwide businesses.

Drawing on the University’s vast range of expertise to deliver over 250 KTP programmes with companies across the UK, these new awards bring KTP awards to just over £1m (£1,050,287) so far in 2021 – they include:

Two projects with ground testing construction firm Lankelma on cone penetration testing, involving Brighton researchers Dr Maria DiakoumiDr Chris Garrett and Dr Goran Soldar who will apply their geotechnical and sensor development knowledge to facilitate rapid design and development of innovative sensor combinations.

Chris Dimelow, General Manager at Lankelma, said: “The success of the project will enable us to offer a higher quality, improved reliability and a more bespoke solution to our client’s needs. It will also enable us to ‘future proof’ the technology and keep us on the fore front of advancing techniques. The contribution provided by University of Brighton will enable the results of the project to become embedded in the business.”

A project with health and wellness monitoring company Mint Diagnostics on hormone measurement for cancer management, involving researchers Dr Melanie FlintDr Fergus Guppy and Professor Valerie Jenkins.

Stefano Borini, CEO of Mint Diagnostics, said: “We’ve decided to partner with the University of Brighton since we found there all the required expertise to develop our technology for use by cancer patients, including pre-clinical trial planning, data interpretation and hormone test evaluation and validation. This programme is key for our company, since it will unlock the opportunity to move towards the healthcare sector, greatly enhancing the impact of our technology and the value of our business.”

A project with Lewes-based Falcon Coffees on supply chain carbon measurement and mitigation, working with researchers Dr Tim Laing and Dr Sushil Mohan, alongside Brighton research students.

Konrad Brits, CEO of Falcon Coffee, said: “We recognised KTP to be an excellent opportunity to expand our carbon accounting to the whole supply chain and specially to develop accurate methodology for carbon footprint accounting through the coffee tree life cycle.”

KTPs (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships) help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through accessing knowledge, technology and skills within institutions like University of Brighton. These KTP projects are funded by UKRI through Innovate UK – which only awards funding where a research and development proposal demonstrates true innovation as a way to develop a unique new product or service. Their aim is to enhance innovation in industry to deliver real-world tangible impact for businesses.

“It’s exciting to see so many businesses innovating their way out of difficult times, as part of their COVID recovery strategies. We’re looking forward to working with new businesses and academics on these novel projects.”

Liz Johnson, KTP Manager, University of Brighton

Dr Terry Corner – Knowledge Transfer Adviser for East and West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, central and south London – said: “The University of Brighton was one of the first KTP Centres to open in 1993 and it has been a pleasure to watch their KTP portfolio grow. I’ve worked with the university on a large number of KTP projects since 2006 covering a wide range of organisations and technologies. Brighton’s KTP projects consistently deliver high quality outputs, and their recent run of funding success is a credit to the experienced and committed KTP team.”

You can find out more about KTPs at www.brighton.ac.uk/ktp or contact the RISE team to ask more about KTPs.

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