17 Dec 2021

Horizons – innovation call – supply chain management



Our Horizons programme is a series of inspiring, thematic and sector specific workshops.

Our Horizons workshops will enable RISE members to build resilience to national and global challenges within their business. As part of this programme we are launching our first innovation funding call.

What is an Innovation Call?

An opportunity to present a proposal of an R&D idea that addresses a specific challenge.

Explore your ideas

We are inviting businesses to present proposals of new R&D ideas that address challenges in your supply chain and apply for our Access to Expertise innovation project funding where you can receive up to £5000 of support to develop in this area. This could be support towards developing a new product, service, or process with the aim to create value from your ideas.

We are interested to hear about your R&D project proposals – this could be at any stage, whether that is just the embryo of an idea, or a more developed proof of concept, a prototype that needs further exploration, research, testing, validating or enhancing development.

Unlock Expertise

If you identify a gap in specialist knowledge, expertise or technical skill and need support to progress your project to the next stage of development or commercialisation this is where our Access to University Expertise experts can accelerate your project.

Access up to £5000 to support your project development

Through our funding we can directly pay for the time of our top academics in the areas of expertise you need to work directly on your projects. It’s a simply process that includes our Innovation Advisors working with you to scope your project and map the skills and expertise needed -with the unique opportunity of having access to two pools university experts to choose from.

Upcoming Horizon themes;

How does the Horizon programme work?

  1. Call launched
  2. Attend an introductory webinar on the theme
  3. Attend up to 6 additional thematic workshops to gain deeper insight
  4. Book a free innovation audit or assessment with our advisors to explore your ideas
  5. Scope your project based on new knowledge and understanding
  6. Apply for Access to Expertise support
  7. Advisors source university expertise and develop the project brief
  8. Project undertaken, innovation activated

Check out the Horizons workshops in our Events section of the website.

Our Horizons programme is a series of inspiring, thematic and sector-specific workshops created to share cutting-edge research and insights to help develop innovative approaches that will enable you to build resilience to national and global challenges within your business.  If you would like to know more about Horizons contact our Innovation Advisors.

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