Join us for a proper deep dive into the mysterious world of private equity and other types of fundraising including grants, learning how you could use them to boost the success of your business.

This recording of the online workshop will offer invaluable insights and exclusive knowledge to RISE SME’s on navigating the world of private investment. With expertise in innovation, finance, business strategy and business development, Gergo Gulyas, Co-founder of iScale Hub will guide you through the complex venture capital ecosystem, instructing you on effective outreach to investors and negotiation tactics so you can better evaluate opportunities for raising funds from private equity and other sources. 

Please note – a member of the RISE team will starting the recording and participants will be able to use the chat function.

With IScale hub’s specialist consultant, you will learn about the rationale behind VC firms’ operations and gain invaluable insights into the potential tactics investors use to secure favourable term sheets. He will instruct you on devising an effective fundraising strategy, and develop your skills in negotiating the best possible deals. He will explore the pertinent questions to ask for identifying suitable investors, and help you avoid the common pitfalls which could leave you empty handed.

It may be a completely new option and concept for your business, or you may have explored private investors before, but this FREE session, exclusive to RISE members is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss if you want to scale your business now or in the future.

The session will cover these key themes:

  • The big picture – Funding types
  • Important questions you may need to ask & points to consider
  • Investor profiles – The VC hierarchy
  • Participants of a VC deal – Why a good lawyer is important
  • Ways to approach international investors
  • Financial feasibility
  • Communication about your business – Your Mission, Vision, Values
  • The power of negative feedback
  • Being attractive – Basic materials for international fundraising
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Investor ‘nasty’ tricks & common pitfalls

Delivered by:  IScale Hub Gergő Gulyás LinkedIn

Gergo is co-founder of IScale Hub with significant working experience in the field of management and international startup acceleration. He is well connected to investors, ecosystem builders and startups in the UK and on a global level.

Find out about the 2nd IScale Hub webinar also on 19th May @ 12.00 about developing a sales prospecting strategy.

This masterclass has a state aid value of £80 but is free to you at point of delivery.

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Share event:

Date and Time:

09.30am -11.30am

May 24, 2023



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