Our Horizons programme is a series of inspiring, thematic and sector specific workshops, created to share cutting-edge research and insights to help develop innovative approaches that will enable you to build resilience to national and global challenges within your business.

About this workshop

This workshop explores the stark inequalities which exist in the health service and how unconscious patterns which drive human behaviour affect health outcomes. It will look at recent research on how a range of social factors affect adult health behaviours, and how biases we all hold, including those of healthcare professionals can impact on health outcomes.

Delivered by;

Dr Shanu Sadhawi Shanu Sadhwani — The University of Brighton

This workshop is free to attend and forms part of a series of workshops and masterclasses within our Horizons programmes. Eligibility and attendance to workshops is at the discretion of the RISE project team and businesses will need to register to be a member of RISE.

For further information about the programme visit our programme page.

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Date and Time:

9:30am -11.30am

Dec 08, 2022


Online via Zoom

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