This session is the first event in our Innovation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain programme and has been developed in partnership with BSI.

Given the extremely challenging time this sector has experienced during the pandemic and Brexit, West Sussex County Council has prioritised funding for Small and Medium-sized enterprises to receive specific innovation support to recover and boost growth.

We are also working in partnership with The Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology Alliance METALL, to develop our Innovation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain programme masterclasses and workshops. All free to attend.

About this event

With many businesses affected by disruption to supply chain, it can be argued that now is the perfect time for remanufacturing sceptics to take the idea seriously.

In remanufacturing (as opposed to ordinary manufacturing), much of the raw materials and/or components are on the doorstep – in the form of waste, out of date or unwanted products.

From this perspective remanufacturing has many possibilities including, potential lower material costs, cheaper and easier transport and enhancement of green credentials.

Implementing some kind of remanufacturing aspect/facility will surely enhance the resilience of current manufacturing processes/systems.

In this free event, industrial and academic speakers will talk about future challenges faced by manufacturing industries and the latest innovations in remanufacturing. Of particular interest will be the ‘real-life’ examples of how remanufacturing has already helped companies to expand and improve and increase supply chain resilience as well as mitigating risks associated with global events such as pandemics or economic turbulence.

For more information on speakers visit this page, where you can register OR use the booking button on the right. More information on our Horizons programme click here.

This event is valued at £180 of State Aid support. State aid information is detailed in our T&Cs.

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Sep 20, 2022


University of Brighton, Watts Building

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