Have you ever considered crowdfunding as a way to raise money for your business or organisation?

Whether you’re looking to fund a new venture, or expand an established brand, crowdfunding is an excellent way to raise income… if it’s done right.

In her practical webinar, Jes Baikins, Founder of local company Crowdfund360 will go through everything you need to know in preparation to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. She will explain how a successful crowdfunding campaign is an equal balance between three fundamentals you need to get right: STRATEGY, CREATIVITY and PSYCHOLOGY.

PLEASE NOTE WE WILL BE PLAYING A RECORDING OF THE SESSION RECORDED ON 23rd MAY – A member of the RISE team will be facilitating and chat will be available via Zoom.

Over the 2 hours she will cover:

  • Choosing how much to raise
  • Deciding which platform is best for you
  • How to tell your story in the most crowdfundable way (words, images, video)
  • How to create and build your audience and ‘crowd’ strategically (where will your first 40% come from and who will buy into it after that?)
  • How to structure the perfect project page (the audience expects a certain layout and look)
  • How to communicate your campaign effectively
  • Top tips from business owners who have already run successful crowdfunding campaigns

This practical masterclass is aimed at anyone who would like to find out more about crowdfunding as a fundraising strategy for their business or organisation.

So come along to gain the insights and knowledge needed to create an audience and harness their ££ power to help you realise your business goals!

About Jes Baikins

Jes is a crowdfunding specialist and the founder of Crowdfund 360. Her aim is to empower people to increase their social impact by helping founders and leaders run successful crowdfunding campaigns. This not only brings them funding, but also a loyal following of supporters, PR and increased brand awareness. Her clients boast an 83% success rate into reaching (and surpassing) their financial goal compared to the UK average of just 21%. She works on rewards and donation campaigns and her consultancy is independent from major platforms.

This masterclass has a state aid value of £80 but is free to you at point of delivery.

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May 25, 2023



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