Are you struggling to find and convert more B2B clients in a domestic and international environment?

Sales prospecting can be challenging, but with the right strategy, it can be a powerful tool to initiate new business opportunities. Join our workshop to learn how to build an effective sales prospecting strategy from identifying the ideal B2B clients to designing an outreach campaign that converts.

With expertise in innovation, finance, business strategy and business development, Co-founder of iScale Hub Tamas Szeker will provide you with valuable insights and knowledge to develop and enhance your sales prospecting strategy. During the session he will:

  • Provide SMEs with a structured approach for initiating new business opportunities
  • Give guidance on designing a winning outreach campaign
  • Share useful tools and personal good practices

In this exclusive masterclass for RISE members you will learn about:

  • The difference between lead generation and sales prospecting
  • The key challenges of sales prospecting and how to overcome them
  • How to identify the right clients and point of contact within target companies
  • How to get email addresses and write effective cold emails
  • How to follow up on cold emails to increase conversion rates
  • Proven methodologies and tools for successful sales prospecting in an international environment

Come to this masterclass to take your sales prospecting to the next level and start closing more deals!

Delivered by:  IScale Hub Tamas Szeker – LinkedIn

Tamas is an experienced International Business Development Strategist and Advisor, known for his passion for innovation and business growth. As a key member of the founding team of iScale Group, he has experience in training and supporting startups for international expansion, and facilitating training programmes and workshops. He has been working with startups and consulting companies for many years now, helping them develop new B2B sales, business opportunities and partnerships.

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The session has a state aid value of £80 but is free to you at point of delivery.

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Date and Time:

12.00pm -2.00pm

May 19, 2023



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