Our Horizons programme is a series of inspiring, thematic and sector specific workshops, created to share cutting edge research and insights to help develop innovative approaches that will enable you to build resilience to national and global challenges within your business.

Is your data truly valuable? If you take a closer look and ask yourself: is my data as useful as it could be? It might be time for an overhaul to start collecting better quality information.

As an SME, you can stay ahead of the game through keeping up-to-date with new technologies that can boost efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and keep you competitive in today’s rapidly changing business and economic landscape.

New technologies offer SMEs a range of opportunities to innovate and develop new products and services that meet evolving customer needs. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide personalised services, while cloud computing can streamline processes and increase productivity. Adopting new technologies can however also lead to increased competition and cybersecurity risks, as well as skills gaps that require investment in training and development. To stay competitive in a rapidly changing technological landscape, SMEs must be proactive in adapting to new technologies and leveraging them to their advantage while also taking necessary steps to protect their systems and data.

So join us in this masterclass webinar to explore opportunities to improve customer experience and new business ventures. Get ready to revolutionise your data game with Ragshree Sinha, our expert in data science from the University of Brighton. In this deep dive session, she’ll guide you through enhancing your current data and adding value by uncovering what you might be missing and what you truly need, as well as highlighting potential challenges new technologies may bring.

During the session, you’ll have the chance to explore the latest technologies such as cloud computing, AI and machine learning, Internet of Things [I.O.T] and 5G connectivity; how they can generate more valuable data for your business and organisation as well as evaluating which ones will best suit your needs. Plus, Ragshree will demonstrate how to exploit these new technologies, so you can confidently embed high-quality data into your decision-making processes.

So don’t miss out! Come and discover how to unlock the potential of your data and gain a competitive edge in your industry, giving your SME the boost it needs to thrive.

Session objectives:

  • Reflect on your current data usage
  • Evaluate how new technologies can add value to your data
  • Generate new customer experiences with a problem-solving approach
  • Understand new opportunities brought by technology

Ragshree Sinha is a data scientist and lecturer working at the University of Brighton in the School of Business and Law.

This event is valued at £80 of State Aid support. State aid information is detailed in our T&Cs.

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Date and Time:


Apr 19, 2023


Online - Zoom

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